Minor Characters Poster Series

The next poster series will include the last round of characters that will be introduced in the first 4 chapters of Xavian. This series will revolve more around landscapes and perspective. It will… Continue reading

Poster Series

I hope you’ve enjoyed the poster series this month. I started this series in April to showcase my improvements I’ve made in each character design and digital coloring while I was in Japan.… Continue reading

Nesia and the Mouse WIP

Here is Day 3 of coloring Nesia. I didn’t do a live stream last night because I was lazy (don’t judge me). I added in a door light to create a heavy contrast from… Continue reading

Nesia and the Mouse

Now I’m going to be coloring Nesia. Fun Fact, Nesia is modeled after Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the elephant-deity known in Hinduism. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles the… Continue reading

Boritta and the Monkey

Three straight days of live stream coloring of Boritta and I believe I’m 80 to 85% done with this poster. The hardest part has already been done and all tha’s left is the… Continue reading

Live Stream for Today at 9PM EST

Another live stream? Of course another live stream. This artwork isn’t going to do itself! We’ll be live today at 9PM EST. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Youtube.com/xaviangubora

Boritta and the Monkey WIP

Had a good live stream and got a lot done last night. Here is where I’m at on the Boritta poster. At 9PM today I will be doing another live stream to work… Continue reading

Boritta’s Base Colors

Shockingly enough just putting down the flat/base colors down for Boritta took over 3 hours to do! I enjoyed it though, so I’m not upset about that. The hardest part is yet to… Continue reading

Live Stream Coloring Tonight

Boritta and the Monkey

We end the five poster series with Boritta. I saved the best character for last. Just from first observation you can tell this piece is the most complex out of the other four… Continue reading