Colored Team Gubora

Here is Xavian, Boritta, and Nesia colored in Adobe Photoshop. I made a side by side picture to show the difference between the Line Art and the colored version. My favorite character to… Continue reading

Team Gubora

Here is my first sketch of Xavian, Boritta, and Nesia in Tokyo, Japan. All of this was hand drawn and redone in Adobe Illustrator.


For now I’ll also leave Darryl’s information blank.¬† More details about Darryl will be revealed later next week. Stay tuned. Can you guess what it is?


For now I’ll leave David’s information blank.¬† More details about David will be revealed later next week. Stay tuned.


Hathor. Based off the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, who was known for her happiness, love, and motherhood. Hathor is known throughout the universe by many names is revered as a skilled fighter. Hathor and… Continue reading

Joel’s interview with

The creator of Xavian was recently interviewed by Rachel Sinclair¬† from He talks about his future goals for Xavian and during his study abroad trip in Japan. Joel goes more in dept… Continue reading


Who or what is this mysterious character? All we know is that this character knows Xavian personally but Xavian has never seen this character before. More details will be revealed later in the… Continue reading


Nesia. The tritagonist of the Xavian series. He’s a master of swords and hand-to-hand combat. More details will be revealed about Nesia later.

Xavian in Tokyo, Japan

Hello fans, in case you haven’t heard. Xavian will be in Tokyo,Japan from August 25th, 2014 through August 26th, 2015. This is great opportunity for Xavian to be published overseas in Japan, where… Continue reading