New Inkier for Xavian

I would like to welcome to the Xavian crew, Jesse “Cadre” Hansen. After talking with some fans, to take Xavian to the next level I need to have an inkier who can clearly… Continue reading

Line Art to Shadows

Today I will be showing you a comparison of what the process looked like before and after I added shadows to Marvis. I wanted the light source hitting his back but not completely.… Continue reading

Scanned Drawing to Digital Ink

In the coming days I will be uploading a more detailed step-by-step process of re-creating Marvis in Adobe Illustrator. Today, I will be showing you a comparison of what the process looked like… Continue reading

Improvements Part 2

Back by popular demand. Here is another 2013 drawing that I recently updated. The original drawing was my first attempt at drawing a more realistic looking lion than Xavian. Unfortunately, I could not… Continue reading

Nesia Sketch

I am going to show you all a sketch I drew of Nesia back in November of 2014. Very soon I will recreate it on Adobe Illustrator with color. Stay tuned.  


Most people do not know this but Boritta is my favorite and hardest character to color and draw. Boritta’s color scheme is the most complicated and the most noticeable between Xavian and Nesia.… Continue reading

Highlights and Shadows

Some of my fans have wanted me to upload the different steps in my work. Today, I will be showing my progress on my recent project for Xavian. In the past I have… Continue reading

Boritta Sketch

Just as the title says. Here is a sketch of Boritta and her beautiful wings floating.

Improvements in Two Years

It has almost been two years since I’ve started drawing Xavian. I have taken many studio classes that have helped me improve my drawings over the past two years. We’re going to start… Continue reading

Colored Team Gubora

Here is Xavian, Boritta, and Nesia colored in Adobe Photoshop. I made a side by side picture to show the difference between the Line Art and the colored version. My favorite character to… Continue reading