Alright fellow readers, I will be showing you the main villains in Xavian in this next post. This the leader of the alien race known as the Ophiosisens.


The concept behind making this villain was trying to find an insect that looks like an alien and very intimidating at the same time. I searched the internet for alien-like insect and stumbled upon a praying mantis. I was overjoyed at my discovery but I wanted to look further into the praying mantis family to see if I can find a different looking mantis and I came across the devils flower mantis. I kept majority of its facial features but put an artist twist that could make the creature seem like a leader and alien

For his body I decided not to put legs on the leader, but instead I drew him with round-like tentacles that would make him unique.  For his chest area I drew him with a plate-like structure to be able to take physical hits with ease. When the Ophiosisen Leader opens his chest he can reproduce more Ophiosisen and use them for protection in battle. His arms are able to extend and mold into different shapes, but the leader likes to form a sword out of his arms for his finishing move. His special ability is the ability to enter into his foes mind, wipe their memories clean, and control their bodily function, but this leaves him vulnerable to surprise attacks which is why he likes to battle with a small unit. What gives the Ophiosisen Leader the power to control his foes comes from the red dot that is on his head, all the Ophiosisen have a dot similar to his own, which means all Ophiosisen are connected to him. The Leader can connect and talk to all Ophiosisens if need be and or control any particular Ophiosisen even if they are far away from him.