Chapter 2: Page 1

Great news people, the Xavian Facebook Page has reached 100 likes on Facebook. With this recent achievement I will celebrate this moment by releasing a spoiler of Xavian. The spoiler is the finished first page of Xavian with dialog. I will also show you the process of how I got to the finished piece, which will include the beginning sketches.

Xavian photo

This is the first rough draft for the first page of Xavian. When I look back at this picture I realized that I really didn’t know how to organize the comic book or how to arrange the pictures to explain the story very clearly. The first page was made of three pages of the story into one page. I crammed so much information into one page that I forgot that I needed to have more pictures to lead up to the important scenes. This will keep the flow of the story smooth so the readers can understand the story clearly so they won’t confused by how much information is left out. For example if you look at the first panel through the third panel, the story jumps from the space dock to Xavian being constrained by the two Ophiosisen too quickly. The first panel is the true rough I did for the space dock for the chapter, I didn’t know how much details I would need for the space dock but I knew that I needed a lot more if I wanted the readers to get a sci-fi feel to the story. The second panel shows the two Ophiosisen constraining Xavian to the ground, if you look carefully you can see that there is no reactor in any of the pictures. Putting in a reactor was the last bit of details to be added into the story, in fact I was never thinking about adding a reactor to the story. The Ophiosisen were the hardest to draw. I had to redraw the Ophiosisens several times because I didn’t like the design I did for them. I tried to look up any insects that I could use for inspiration but I couldn’t find any that I liked so I kept drawing and drawing until I was satisfied with the results.


The concept behind the first panel is to make a strong point to show my readers where the story will be taking place throughout the first chapter of Xavian. I wanted to make this scene very detailed because this is the first scene for this story so I want to start on a good note to keep the reader’s attention to the story. The story takes place in space and in the distant future so I thought of some ideas that would blend those two elements. So I looked online for sci-fi themes and I came across a Star Trek space dock and that’s where I got the inspiration to make the space dock for Xavian.  The second panel is the back of Xavian as he climbs the inner wall of the space dock. When I first drew the reactor I struggled with getting the lines to perfect all the way and it messed up the perspective of how I wanted to show the reactor.