Xavian Year End Review


With a couple hours left of 2013 I thought I give a brief run down on how my Graphic Novel: Xavian Gubora did in 2013. But first, for all of the fans that have followed me from the beginning, you know that I started working on the story in early August. I’ve learned a lot from working on my graphic novel. It has made me a better artist, writer, story-teller, etc. Even though I had to juggle with college, life, and other art projects I was still  able to start on a series that I’m proud of working on. But I’m not going to be content with just having one chapter of Xavian done. I set a goal of having the first chapter of the series done by December and I achieved that goal. Since I started Xavian, the blog has brought in 866 views worldwide. For me this is great news seeing how I started late in the year but was still close to achieving 1,000 views worldwide. But I’m not going to relaxed on this milestone I’m going to push myself further next year. For 2014, I hope to have 4 chapters of Xavian done and printed. Finally, I want to reach 1,000 fans on the Xavian Facebook Page. If I have a strong following on social media then my chances of having my story published will drastically increase. With that said I hope everyone has a Happy New Years.