Boritta Norvina


I present to you the newest character, Boritta Norvina. Boritta is based on female crocodiles found in the Nile River in Africa. She has the bodily-figure of a female human but she maintains the skin, claws, and textures from a crocodile. Boritta’s skin color and tone are warmer and brighter than of a real crocodile because I didn’t want her to have the brownish, or dull green look. We know crocodiles don’t fly or have wings but I wanted Boritta to be different from the rest of the characters in Xavian. I drew Boritta with moth-like wings and braids to put my artist twist on her. Just like Xavian, she also has grown braids, but they are very thick-like braids similar to Bob Marley’s. Tell me what think of Boritta’s design in the comments section below.