Welcome, to the world of Xavian! The home to the future video game titled, Xavian. Hathor and Xavian are two anthropomorphic lions from the Zindi Kingdom. Both have entered into the quinquennial “Battle of the Warriors,” their Kingdom’s oldest tradition featuring warriors from all over competing in hopes of obtaining the highest title of Fire King Warrior. However, strange alien-like creatures, known as the Ophiosisens /oh-FAI-oe-sins/, have appeared around The Magic City, the host of this quinquennial competition. The Ophiosisens have begun destroying the local inhabits homes and buildings but have transformed the animals into weird Ophiosisen clones to help build their army. They threatened to not only dismantle the quinquennial competition but, to cause chaos throughout the Kingdom. It is up to either Xavian or Hathor. You decide the warrior to put an end to Ophiosisens’ schemes. Do you choose Xavian, the brashly and goofy lion with an abundance of magical abilities that can overwhelm any opponent? Do you choose Hathor, the experience and reserved lioness with a mysterious transformation that her enemies have called her the Goddess of Chaos?

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