Unity Game Engine

The Xavian project has been developed in Unity’s Game Engine. The reason I chose Unity instead of Unreal Engine is due to my Alma Mater, Indiana University, Fine Arts department had Unity installed on their computers in their Digital Art lab. By the process of osmosis, I learned how to use Unity. The render pipeline we chose for our project is the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). For those who are familiar with Unity’s Render Pipelines, you may be asking why we’re not using High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)? Number one, the project is not going for an AAA cinematic fidelity, pseudo-realism art, nor incorporation of elements like ray-tracing, etc. Number two, the development of all of our VFX and graphic capability was for URP. Number three, and the most important thing is the majority of the crew working on the project do not know how or not comfortable with using HDRP.

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