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Marvis and the Dragon

After working on the Marvis and the Dragon poster for the past three days this where I am at on the poster. Coloring the dragon was completely new to me. I tried to keep it “realistic” as possible while also putting my spin on it. The second hardest part was rendering the clouds in Adobe Illustrator. It would have been easy to do in Photoshop, but since I’ve used Illustrator in the other poster I didn’t want to change. Plus I wanted to be a little creative with how far I can go in Illustrator. The clouds were created using numerous effects like: the Scribble effect, Gaussian Blur, and Feathering.

Marvis is very unique to the story of Xavian. Originally he was suppose to be just a memory to Xavian. But I decided to create an entire based off my real life brother. I look up to my big brother and decided to insert him into my story. Compared to the Xavian/Phoenix poster, Marvis and the Dragon have a completely different theme and vibe than Xavian has. From looking at Marvis’s pose he appears more calm, composed, and ready to take on any opponent. The colors are cooler, hint the blues, and greys throughout the piece. If you follow my YouTube channel you can watch the 3 day process from start to finish.


Marvis and the Dragon WIP

I decided to switch things around. I will be doing a different poster. It will be Marvis and the Dragon. I had a live stream last night on YouTube that showed my process from flat colors to near-complete shading. All that’s left to do is touch up on the Dragon’s face and fix some the shadows and highlights on the mountains. Then I’ll make one final adjustment to the piece to give it that WOW look to it. Then I’ll move on to the next poster. So here is what the poster looks like so far.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.00.38 AM

Line Art to Shadows

Today I will be showing you a comparison of what the process looked like before and after I added shadows to Marvis. I wanted the light source hitting his back but not completely. So the light is hitting him from an upward angle. To show the high contrast from light to dark I played with the opacity of the shadows to create a sense of balance. The hardest part of this stage was correctly drawing the shadows. If I had a shadow in the wrong place it would change the entire piece because you, as the viewer, would be wondering where is the light source coming from. So keeping consistency in this stage is very important.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.10.27 AM


Scanned Drawing to Digital Ink

In the coming days I will be uploading a more detailed step-by-step process of re-creating Marvis in Adobe Illustrator. Today, I will be showing you a comparison of what the process looked like before and after I inked Marvis digitally. I took the original drawing and scanned it into Adobe Illustrator. I scanned the picture at 600 DPI for the utmost clarity. The hardest part of this picture was inking in the mane on Marvis. The original drawing was very clear but when I scanned it into Illustrator some of the lines were lost. This comes from my HF and F pencils that I use to draw with due to it drawing lighter lines. It is a good trade-off, because I draw very hard on paper and erase a lot. With the lighter pencils I can easily go back over my mistakes with ease.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.10.14 AM

Improvements Part 2

Back by popular demand. Here is another 2013 drawing that I recently updated. The original drawing was my first attempt at drawing a more realistic looking lion than Xavian. Unfortunately, I could not draw a lion’s face or mane and I got frustrated. I opted out of drawing the mane and drew braids instead to cover up my weakness. After studying many lions I know understand the facial structure and mane that I am comfortable at drawing a realistic lion. I present to you マービス. Translation: Marvis


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.09.56 AM

Tomorrow I will be you showing you the inked version of Marvis that was created on Adobe Illustrator.

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