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Xavian & the Phoenix

Here is my progress on the Phoenix poster. I’m currently on day 3 of working with this and I’m loving the results. I really sat down at my laptop and went to work. Researching bird’s anatomy which included an eagle, hawk, and I believe a hummingbird? Don’t quote me on that last one.  I did some more research on Phoenixes and discovered that it is “believed,” not 100 percent certain, to have originated from Ancient Egypt. It was usually depicted with the halo of the sun behind it or on top of its head. In early christian literature they are shown to also have the halo of the sun and sun rays coming from behind it. So I incorporated that into my work and it has helped bring out the Phoenix.


Phoenix and Xavian (WIP)

Had a great live stream and got a lot done. I plan to have another live stream later today after I get some sleep. Here is where I’m at on the poster. Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.13.11 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.29.02 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.29.38 AM

Phoenix and Xavian Inking

The inking for the Phoenix and Xavian is now complete. I would like to once again and thank Alvarex for the inking. I love the quality of lines and the great detail that he has done with the flames. Let me know what you think.

Check out Alvarex work at on Facebook here: Alvarex Artwork


Live Streaming Tonight

Our first ever live streaming will be tonight on YouTube at 11PM EST/10 PM CST / 8PM EST. The stream will be pretty long. I’m expecting it will take around 3-5 hours. Also for some clarification my goal is to complete the Phoenix not the entire poster. You can find me on YouTube at: XavianGubora  or



Hope to see you all tonight for our first ever live streaming.

Phoenix WIP

Here is a WIP from Alvarex of our newest poster for Xavian. Alvarex will be doing the inking for the poster. If you have ever noticed or wondered what that logo was on Xavian’s headband it’s actually a Phoenix. More details on how the Phoenix ties in with Xavian will come shortly.




Phoenix-01Who or what is this mysterious character? All we know is that this character knows Xavian personally but Xavian has never seen this character before. More details will be revealed later in the story.

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