400 Likes on Facebook

At around 2AM on Saturday I saw a wonderful thing. The Xavian Facebook Page has achieved 400 likes. To think that I would have double my likes so soon in the year is… Continue reading

New Character

I’m a day late but as promised I am releasing small details of one of the two new main characters in Xavian. I’m keeping this character as a silhouette until I get back… Continue reading

Second Sample Cover Art

I’m showing you guys a drawing I did that I’d consider being the cover art. This cover art  was done when I first starting drawing Xavian. This cover still features the Ophiosisen Leader… Continue reading

Xavian Info

Here is the basic information of Xavian. As of right now Joel Fuller is the writer, penciller, inkier, and colorist of the entire story of Xavian. There is a chance for Joel asking… Continue reading

Sample Cover of Xavian

I’m going to show you guys a cover I was thinking of using for Xavian. I decided not to use this cover but I still love the artwork. The typography of Xavian was… Continue reading

Xavian Year End Review

With a couple hours left of 2013 I thought I give a brief run down on how my Graphic Novel: Xavian Gubora did in 2013. But first, for all of the fans that… Continue reading

Xavian Front and Back Cover

With only a few hours away from Xavian being released I’m showing you guys the front and back cover of Xavian. It has been a long sophomore year since I started drawing the… Continue reading

Chapter 1: Page 2

I know it has been a while since I last posted an update on Xavian but I have been busy with college. Today I will be showing you the last page of Xavian… Continue reading

Chapter 2: Page 1

Great news people, the Xavian Facebook Page has reached 100 likes on Facebook. With this recent achievement I will celebrate this moment by releasing a spoiler of Xavian. The spoiler is the finished… Continue reading

100 Likes on Facebook

On November 2, Xavian reached 100 Likes on Facebook. With this latest achievement we will be releasing the first page of the comic book tomorrow morning. The more likes we get on our Facebook… Continue reading