Ophiosisen Leader

Alright fellow readers, I will be showing you the main villains in Xavian in this next post. This the leader of the alien race known as the Ophiosisens. The concept behind making this… Continue reading

Xavian Cover Line Art

Alright guys I’m showing you the finished line art of Xavian that will eventually be on Cover Art. I’m also going to be showing you my process behind the Line Art for the… Continue reading


This is the spacedock that is orbiting Xavian’s planet. The concept behind this panel is to make a strong point to show my readers where the story will be taking place throughout the… Continue reading

Graphic Novel: Xavian

What's up viewers, if you're viewing this post then you have stumbled upon the official blog for my upcoming graphic novel Xavian. If you like stories where the villain wins and alien takeovers then you come to the right place.