Thoth & the Tiger Drawing

This weekend was very good in the terms of drawing new posters. I wasn’t planning on drawing this weekend but I guess that all changed. Here is the 7th poster, Thoth and the… Continue reading

Xavian Coloring

I decided to do a quick coloring of my recent Xavian coloring. Let me know what you think of this. If you guys really like this I’ll continue to color this. Of course… Continue reading

Xavian Inking

Last night I decided to try a new pose for Xavian. I inked Xavian using Adobe Illustrator. The inking looks really good. Let me know what you think!

Xavian Sketch

Last night I decided to sketch Xavian. I was pretty upset with another poster I was working on. I decided to take a break on it and did a really cool sketch of Xavian.… Continue reading

David and Darryl Highlights

Today, I worked on the highlights on Mount Huangshan and the river. The hardest part of the poster was adding in the underwater sun rays. Adobe Illustrator crashed on me three times while I was doing… Continue reading

Darryl and David Shadows

Now for the next stage of process. I’m adding in shadows to create dept and realism to the poster. Without the shadows the poster would stay very flat and unappealing. The hardest part… Continue reading

Darryl & David Base Colors

The next step of the 6th poster is laying down the flats colors. This gives me the foundation on what the characters and the environment’s colors are before I put the shadows and highlights… Continue reading

Darryl & David Inking

Here is the inking to Darryl and David. The inking is done by my friend, Alvarex. Love the inking he did with this piece. I’ll do another live stream coloring next week. I’m… Continue reading

Darryl & David Drawing

Now I’ll begin the second half of the poster series with the 6th poster. This half will include the minor characters from the graphic novel series.  But this time I’ll include more landscape,… Continue reading

Minor Characters Poster Series

The next poster series will include the last round of characters that will be introduced in the first 4 chapters of Xavian. This series will revolve more around landscapes and perspective. It will… Continue reading