Anthropomorphic Animals

Anthropomorphic Animals

Animals on Xavian’s planet have evolved differently than on Planet Earth. Their planet has come out of an Ice Age and, certain animals’ have evolved with unique features such as more hair on their bodies, larger in size, and the ability to walk upright. Certain species that we are accustomed to walking on four legs have evolved to walk on two legs. For example, the lion species have a 10% chance to walk on two legs. That’s how Xavian can walk upright. Biologists are still researching where this mutation originated from and what an animal’s chances of walking upright. The total percentage of animals that can walk upright is around 25%. This phenomenon has shaped how animals function as a society from the infrastructure, businesses, food, etc. Below are drawings from the Project Manager, Joel and the Conceptual Artist, Symon.

Conceptual Artwork

At first glance, the Giraffe looks very similar to the ones on Planet Earth. However, I designed the Giraffe to have some features from its distant relative, the Samotherium major. I drew the two sets of ossicones, the bony bumps on its head rather than the single set we see on modern giraffes. I made the back ossicones larger and shaped them closely like antlers. The neck is noticeably thicker in diameter. I added thick red fur that starts at the top of the head down to its back.

The Woolly Mammoth takes the place of the modern African Elephants we see in the wild. That’s right, Woolly Mammoths are alive and well on Xavian’s home planet. While the Mammoth’s ears are smaller than modern Elephant’, I decided to swap their ear size with the African Elephant’s. The fur on its skin is a light brown color with, the tip of the tail having a darker color. The Mammoths can live over 175 years old and are considered the most intelligent and wisest animals. The old saying goes, “If you are ever lost and can’t find your way in life, look towards the Mammoth.”

The Crocodile is the other species that have a chance to walk upright. I took inspiration from a crocodile ancestor that could walk on two legs. The Crocodile still has five toes and five fingers. I decided to give their skin more vibrant green colors with less brown or duller colors. The Crocodile is a very mysterious and dangerous animal on Xavian’s planet that uses darker magic. Legend tells of animals turning to stone when they look directly into an angry Crocodile’s eyes. However, most Crocodiles are introverts and want to be left alone.

The Hippo looks similar to Planet Earth’s, but you will notice they have a striking color scheme difference. The Hippos have large dark purple stripes on their backs. Their underbelly and part of their face have a violet color. They are considered the most artistic animals on the planet. They have a history of developing many famous art styles, culinary practices, etc. However, don’t let their love for art think that they are weak. They have a quick temper and are known to be violent and uncontrollable when provoked.

Lions are another species that have a chance to walk upright. I decided to have the male and female have dark brown strips around their body and face. Xavian and Hathor do not have any strips on their body as they are the rare exception to not having them at birth. The other noticeable difference between the lions’ on Xavian’s planet and ours is that the female lions can grow long brown hair from the top of their heads. In their community, the longer the hair on the females is, the more attractive they are. Lions are the most social, goofiest, and charismatic animals on the planet. Despite their child-like personality, when a situation needs to resolve, the leadership of the lion is unmatched.

The Zebras are strikingly different than the modern Zebras’ on Planet Earth. I designed the Zebras based on the subspecies of plains zebra, the Quagga. I changed the coat pattern from the famous stripes to more elongated dots. The dot’s colors are more like a beige color than white. Also, the Zebra is not black and white; its color is reddish-brown with the underbelly a tan-like color.

Lastly, we have the King Cheetah. They are the fastest animals on Xavian’s planet topping, speeds of 60 mph. While slower than Earth’s cheetahs, the King Cheetah do not tire out after chasing down their prey. They evolved to grow long canine teeth, similar to the Smilodon or as commonly known as the saber-toothed tiger. 

3D Design

In the future, we will provide screenshots of each of the animals in 3D.

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