Food Concession Stands

Growing up, I enjoyed going to my city’s annual Carnival with my parents. It was always this magical and fun place with bright lights, goofy music, tasty food, entertainment, and rides. The Carnival seemed to last for weeks and, I would always find my way back several times before it closed down for the year. I want to recreate this fun experience I had as a child by having the food concession stands around the Sun King Arena. Our concept artist, Symon, helped flesh out my sketches to have each food stand have a unique building design so the animals could go and buy food and drinks.

Conceptual Artwork

The Giraffe Funnel Cake stand will sell its famous spotted funnel cakes. Funnel cakes are my favorite snacks I have to eat when I go to a carnival or an amusement park. The design of this food stand was to accommodate larger animals like; giraffes and elephants. They will be able to look at the menu and order from the windows higher up. The interior drawing shows how the two workers, the Giraffe and, the Monkey can operate the food stand.

The Elephant Food stand will sell its famous Elephant Ear dough. If you have ever been to a carnival, it’s this extra-large fried dough. The name elephant ears come from the dough’s size appear like elephant ears. The building has four elephant tusks around the roof to hold up the string of lights and the food stand’s name. The long nose of the top is where the smoke from the oven can escape. As the name suggests, the workers of this establishment are two elephants.

The Crocodile Drink Bar will sell its famous Crocodile Tears drink. The concept behind this drink bar came from watching videos on YouTube of people who foolishly stuck their hands inside a Crocodile’s mouth. The idea was to have a concession stand where animals have to get their food and drink by reaching inside its mouth. The drink comes from the old saying, people who fake cry are crying, Crocodile tears. Their famous drink is a mysterious yellow color, with a sweet and sour taste to it. When taking a sip of the drink, it will make the person who drinks it cry tears.

The Gorilla Grill will sell foods such as; Ribs, Chicken Wings, Steak, Hamburgers, and Fries. The design of the food stand is of an African Mountain Gorilla. The food stand is ironic because Gorillas are herbivores, but the business sells meat that does not fit into their diet.

3D Design

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