Hathor – Warrior Mode

Despite Hathor’s calm and loving personality, she has an ability that allows her to transform. While in battle, if she becomes enraged beyond control, she transforms into a mode that her enemies have called many names; Slaughter of Hathor / Destruction Mode / Goddess of Chaos, but she calls it her Warrior Mode. While in her Warrior Mode, her normal abilities are increased tremendously beyond comprehension, but she tires out once the transformation has ended.

Warrior Mode

Hathor was born with this rare transformation that the people have only heard about in mythology. Her brown skin turns to dark green color with glowing red markings all over her body. Her personality also changes from calm and loving to a bloodthirsty demon bent on eliminating anything that moves. Her physical abilities like strength and speed increase tremendously. Upon learning this transformation, the Royal Army has trained her to become the Zindi Kingdom’s mightiest warrior.

Transformation VFX – Unity

The sight of Hathor transforming is very dramatic and a terrifying moment to people. The ground crumbles and shakes, the sky and clouds change to an ominous grey color, and the air becomes heavy. I asked our Technical Artist Dave and our VFX Artist Nokdef to capture this transformation. Below are a series of videos showing when Hathor is transforming into her Warrior mode.

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