Hathor – Warrior Mode

Despite Hathor’s calm and loving personality, when she is called into battle or is enraged beyond control she transforms into her Warrior Mode. She was born with this rare ability that the people have heard about in mythology. She turns her skin green and becomes this bloodthirsty warrior whose strength and speed. Upon learning of this, the Royal Army has trained her to become the Zindi Kingdom’s mightiest warrior.


Warrior Mode Animation

Hathor’s warrior mode will have a few new animations, but they’ll be the same as her regular mode:

Transformation VFX

In the their world, when Hathor begins to transform into her warrior mode is very dramatic and terrifying moment. The ground begins to crumble and sky and clouds changes to an ominous grey color. To capture this rare ability our Technical and VFX Artist, Dave and Nokdef needed to create multiple shaders and particle effects. Below are a series of videos showing when Hathor is transforming into her Warrior mode. Pay attention to the change of her body’s skin tone and her clothing

To better bring out the dramatic effect of Hathor’s transformation, our technical artist Dave created this Screenspace Overlay to show how the environment would change:

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