Hathor is the anthropomorphic lioness warrior of the Zindi Kingdom. Throughout the Kingdom, her calm and loving personality makes her well respected. Rumor says that she can settle any disputes among the people. Hathor is a skilled warrior who is said to have never lost and can heal almost any non-life-threatening injury. She thrives to become the future queen of the Kingdom under the banner of bringing justice, harmony, and balance.

History of Hathor

Hathor is a newer character in the continuity of the story of Xavian. I never drew nor thought about adding Hathor while in my undergraduate. It was not until I was in graduate school that I drew a female lion as a counterpart. Her character was nothing more than a doodle and sketch. However, it was not until I received great feedback from classmates after showing them her concept art and backstory. They wanted me to continue developing her and have her as the second main character in the story.

Drawing and creating Hathor’s design was easy and less frustrating than Xavian. This first reason, her character being relatively new. I did not try to keep clothing when drawing multiple versions because I was more willing to change her design than with Xavian. The second reason, Hathor is the antithesis to Xavian. Hathor’s design represents royalty, elegance, and female empowerment. If you are a DC fan, you may see that Hathor takes inspiration from one of my favorite DC comic book characters, Wonder Woman. Xavian represents me personally with his silly mash-up of clothes that do not necessarily make sense. That showcases his goofy and unpredictable nature.

Hathor In-Game Model

The creation of the in-game model for Hathor was made by Ghasto and Zulthus. They made sure that the creation matched her lore. The in-game model will have 26k tris allowing the mesh to deform smoothly for the animation. Below are pictures showing the process of the creation from in Blender and the final version in Unity.

Hathor’s Animations

Zulthus created a full-body rig with facial deformation for eye blinking and other facial expressions. Hathor will have numerous amounts of animations ranging from Idle, Jumping, and attacking. Here is a sample of those animations

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