Ophiosisens /oh-FAI-oe-sins/

The Ophiosisens are a mysterious race of symbioses that have evolved over centuries and amassed an empire to plunge the universe into total darkness. Their species made contact with Xavian’s home planet in the ancient past. Why are they reappearing now?

History of the Ophiosisens

I have been drawing the Ophiosisens along with Xavian since I was an undergraduate back in 2013. The earlier sketches of the Ophiosisens were a lot gorier and, the creatures were not all uniformed as one species at first glance. However, I toned down the goriness and went with a more child-like take and added slime to their designs. I initially struggled with the anatomies of the Ophiosisens but, after drawing them hundreds of times, I found the style I enjoyed making. Here are those early designs of the Ophiosisens:

Concept Artwork

The first Ophiosisen can spawn multiple Ophiosisens by opening up its chest and spit them out. It stands at a towering 2.5 meters and, its skin is covered in slime, making it hard to punch, but it moves very slowly on the ground. If you get too close to this creature, it can use its tentacles to grab its host and turn you into a new Ophiosisen.

The second Ophiosisen lives deep in the ocean and can swim at very high speed. The fin keeps it from rolling on its back and helps it make sharp turns while swimming fast. Its teeth and claws can crush steel and rip through bones. However, when they are out of the water, they can only hold their breath for a maximum of three minutes and are vulnerable to lightning attacks.

The third Ophiosisen lives on land and travel in packs; they are not known for their brute strength; they can reach speeds of up 60mph. When they catch their prey, they secrete toxins that slowly erode their body for easier digestion. However, to eliminate them, you have to separate them from their pack and fight them one on one. Their intelligence is severely lacking and is extremely weak to fire-based attacks.

The fourth Ophiosisen forms the core of the army. They stand at 2 meters tall and weigh 136kg. These soldiers are more durable and vigorous than ten adult silverback gorillas combined and can lift or throw up to 1500 kg. The tubes on their head allow their body temperature to cool off and secrete a slime to erode their foe. Their body is covered in sludge, making it hard to punch them without having your limbs eroded with acidic slime. To defeat them, you must first keep your distance and attack from a distance by slowing their movement with ice-based attacks.

The fifth Ophiosisen fly high in the sky and are the fastest flying Ophiosisen traveling at 95 km an hour. Because its eyes are encased around its head, allowing it to see in all directions. When targeting its prey, it can process in mid-air its distance, orientation, and speed. Its arms may look scrawny, but it has the strength to carry all Ophiosisens over 40 km into battle. To defeat this fast foe, you must never stay still and attack with lightning attacks.

The sixth and final Ophiosisen is the Leader. He stands at 1.8 meters tall and weighs 80kg. He can spawn multiple Ophiosisens by opening up its chest and spitting them out. He can simultaneously control the Ophiosisen like puppets using his brain. The Ophiosisens are weak to direct sunlight and high temperatures, but the Leader can block the sun by engulfing the planet in toxic clouds and creating acid rain. To defeat this foe, you will need to master your magic attacks and have the help of an ally.

3D Models

Ophiosisen Animations

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