Status Modifier VFX

For the past three months, our VFX artist, Dave, has worked on a system that seamlessly works with the Magic Attack System for Xavian. We call it the Status Modifier. It creates four statuses inflicting effects on the enemies; Fire Burn, Electrocution, Frostbite, and Scald. This Status Modifier is fully procedural and will generate a different look every time the player launches an attack. Each status works differently from the others. The Frostbite status has a 20% chance to slow the enemy’s movement due to the frostbite covering their body. The Scald status has a 20% chance to halt the enemy’s attacks on Xavian due to the scalding burn. The Status Modifier will not activate until the player has upgraded at least one of the four magic-based attacks for Xavian. As the player continues to upgrade Xavian’s magic attacks and the statuses will have a greater impact on the enemies.

Below are screenshots of each of the four Status effects on the enemy models. The pictures go in this order: 

  1. Scald Burn
  2. Frostbite
  3. Electrocution
  4. Fire Burn

Soon, I will add videos showing the VFX in action.

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