Sun King Arena

In Xavian’s hometown, Magic City, there is a 3-day warrior festival named the Magic City Jamboree. The festival is one of their Kingdom’s oldest events known for a glamorous parade and a raucous “Battle of the Warriors” featuring warriors from all over the Kingdom competing inside the famous Sun King Arena. Other events include a kickoff Cook-Out, pre-game entertainment, and shopping venues outside the stadium.

Recently renovated, the famous Sun King Arena is the most cutting-edge arena to support multi-size and multi-seating animal sections. It has dedicated areas to seat the larger animals like Elephants and Giraffes, even down to the smaller animals like Meerkats and Lemurs. No slouched to being Eco-friendly, the architects designed an abundance of solar panels and windmills to make the arena solar and wind-powered. Lastly, built around the city’s famous and iconic Baobab trees. Spectators can look out from the seats to see the marvelous view of the legendary trees. Also, the arena houses numerous vegetation inside and around the structure. While the player is fighting their opponents, they can even see an up-close view of the vegetation.

Below are pictures and screenshots showing the development process from the concept art to the finished 3D model in Unity of the arena. The arena will be the main level the player will be playing in throughout the game.

The screenshots you will see below are the WIP of the Sun King Arena in 3D.

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