Virtual Reality – Level

Many games incorporate a level that serves as a tutorial for players to understand their controls and mechanics. Some of those tutorial levels are either one-off or do not involve the mainline story. Our tutorial level will not only serve as the tutorial but be a part of the story. Without spoiling too much of the project, the player can choose between Xavian or Hathor and enter this Virtual Reality environment as a form of warmup before a special event. Once you’ve reached the end of the level, the story will continue.

Conceptual Artwork

We wanted to keep some simplicity to the layout of the level but intuitive at the same time. Our Conceptual Artist, Simon, created three different design versions of the VR Level. I chose the middle picture as it was not a linear pathway for the player to navigate through. Below this picture is the final mock-up with a Top-Down and Side-View of the level.

If you’re a fan of Tron Legacy or the original Tron movie, you will probably notice some similarities. I want to thank our VFX Programmer, Dave, for creating this Virtual Reality shader in Unity. Here are some of the features in this shader:

  1. Upon completion, we envision that this level will not contain an organic object but relativity simple geometric shapes that would make a Virtual Reality environment. 
  2. The shader highlights the edges of every geometry in the level and creates a variety of opacity/brightness for the grid lines. For example, the middle of a large flat plane will have softer/dimmer grid lines that become more pronounced as the player gets closer to the edges. 
  3. Comprehension of the level is important in gameplay. This level being the first, could be a make or break for new players. We wanted to make sure that the player can quickly comprehend the geometry of the level. So, the shader will differentiate between the ceiling, floor, and wall in the form of highlighting and tinting.

3D Design

Here are some in-game screenshots of Virtual Reality. The level is still a WIP, as we plan to add more details and props in the future. We will update this post as we move ahead in the development:

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