Xavian is the male anthropomorphic lion of the Zindi Kingdom. He is not the most – in-shape warrior and rarely practices his magic. He spends most days sleeping atop trees, eating fried food, and listening to music. However, when Xavian gets serious, his latent power can make him the strongest fighter in the entire Kingdom. After seeing the destruction of his hometown and the displacement of his people. He becomes motivated to make a difference in his world. He sets out on a journey to dismantle and rebuild his home nation under the banner of bringing truth and establishing order.

History of Xavian

Xavian has been my character since I was an undergraduate back in 2013. The earlier sketches of Xavian were a lot human-like and, the creatures were not all uniformed as one species at first glance. However, I removed the human characteristics and went with a more lion-like appearance. He has gone through many changes in designs and to different mediums. I planned for Xavian to be a graphic novel. However, due to time and budget, the project fell through.

I never gave up on Xavian. He continued to appear in many of my doodles and art projects over the years. Finally, in grad school, my classmates loved his character design and suggested making him into a 3D model and continue your story.

Xavian’s Game Model

Zulthus , our 3D Artists, made sure that the creation of the in-game model for Xavian was perfect. The in-game model will have 23k tris that will allow the mesh to deform smoothly for the animation. Below are pictures showing the creation process from Blender to Unity.

Xavian’s Rig

Zulthus created a full-body and facial rig for the Xavian model. The model is in a T-posing instead of the original A-Pose and with an adjustment to its stance. The tail supports the IK chain, which makes the physics work more efficiently. The rig includes a facial rig that supports facial deformation to allow movement in the eyes and blinking and facial expressions. Lastly, add in things like forearm twisting bones to avoid pinching in the wrists.

Xavian’s Animations

IIt took a very long time for Zulthus to create the animations, but it was worth the wait to capture the expressive nature of Xavian. The animations included but were limited to Idle, Jumping, and attacking. Below are videos of the animations:

Here’s Xavian’s Idle Animation that will play when the player does not move for a while.

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