Xavian, the male anthropomorphic lion, known for spending most days sleeping and eating fried food. After seeing the destruction of his hometown and the displacement of his people he becomes motivated to make a difference in his world. He sets out on a journey to dismantle and rebuild his home nation, the Zindi Kingdom under the banner of bringing truth and establishing order.


Xavian’s Animations

Xavian was built to have a full facial rig and body. All thanks to my friend, ghasto. Here is a sample of the facial rig:

Xavian will have numerous amounts of animations. Currently, he’s intended to have 25 animations ranging from Idle, Jumping, and attacking. Here is a sample of those animations:

History of Xavian

Xavian, has been my personal character for over 7 years now. He has gone through many changes in designs and to different mediums. Xavian was originally intended to be a graphic novel, but due to time and budget that sort of fell through. However, he still continue to pop up in many of my projects over the year. Finally, in grad school, my classmates loved his character design and suggest making him into a 3D model and continue your story. I reached out to my friend ghasto, and asked if he could model Xavian. He agreed and now he’s transition to the 3D world.

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