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Graphic Novel: Xavian


What’s up viewers, if you’re viewing this post then you have stumbled upon the official blog for my upcoming graphic novel Xavian. If you like stories where the villain wins and alien takeovers then you come to the right place. For my story I decided to stay away from the cliche of an alien race invading a planet and the native planet finding a way to defeat them. Instead I created my story where the species on native planet make contact with an alien race and the alien race takes over the planet and create an empire. Xavian’s story is very dark, it’s catered for more mature audience with its  war-like features and blood and gore elements. For this graphic novel I will showcase my artistic abilities with the background scenes, facial details, blood and gore elements and digital coloring. I will be using Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio for this graphic novel. I am an amateur comic artist and a college student. You’ll notice that my drawings will get more details the more I draw the story out. I’m still learning more about being a comic book artist so you’ll see my drawings develop as I continue to write Xavian.

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