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Boritta and the Monkey

Three straight days of live stream coloring of Boritta and I believe I’m 80 to 85% done with this poster. The hardest part has already been done and all tha’s left is the few touch ups. The hardest of the poster was getting the sunset correct and getting the different shades of colors. Plus coloring the river underneath Boritta and creating a small purple glow. She has the most colors out of the other four poster and the longest rendering process. Which means slower save time. But I enjoy coloring Boritta and it shows. Let me know what you think!


Boritta & the Monkey Shadows

Had a good live stream and got a lot done last night. Here is where I’m at on the Boritta poster. At 9PM today I will be doing another live stream to work on the landscape. I’ll be shading in the vines, branches, leaves, and trunks. Let me know what you think of this piece.



Most people do not know this but Boritta is my favorite and hardest character to color and draw. Boritta’s color scheme is the most complicated and the most noticeable between Xavian and Nesia. The way Boritta carries herself as the strong female character and being the leader of the trio are some of the reasons why I love drawing her.


Boritta Sketch

Boritta Sketch

Just as the title says. Here is a sketch of Boritta and her beautiful wings floating.

Team Gubora


Here is my first sketch of Xavian, Boritta, and Nesia in Tokyo, Japan. All of this was hand drawn and redone in Adobe Illustrator.

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