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Heroes For the People

Animation Video

Popular anime shows like Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, or Pokemon have many things in common but what we all remember from them were their cool, catchy opening intros.  Without these intros many of the popular animes from our childhood may never have been popular. The intro is usually composed of three elements: a catchy theme song, unique characters, and flashy animation. These elements are essential to attracting in new people to view the shows.

The past three months, I’ve been working on an animated video to bring my characters from my graphic novel to life. This animation revolves around the three main characters, Xavian, Boritta, and Nesia. The three main characters are anthropomorphic creatures; Xavian is a lion, Boritta is a female crocodile, and Nesia is an elephant. Each character has their own unique supernatural abilities. The characters have their own separate introduction in the opening intro that I created using Adobe Flash and Adobe Premier Pro. This animation combines the three elements to create a thirty-second animated intro for my graphic novel.

While I’ve very satisfied with the work I’m done. I don’t consider this video as complete. I’m going to add more scenes to the animation. I plan to submit the final version to future galleries and Film/Video competitions and events later this year. Let me know what you all think! 


Main Character List

It’s been a boring day for me but I’m going to give you all an update of Xavian. Who are the main characters in Xavian? There are five main characters, but all of them won’t appear in the first chapter. Here is the character list, let me know what you think:




Xavian Promotion Video

You all have been waiting for the promo video. I’m about halfway done with the first chapter of Xavian. Here it is, our first promo video. In full HD!!!! Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. #xavian #art #comic


Graphic Novel Creation Timeline


Here is the illustrated work schedule of the new series of Xavian. This will be a live stream series that will air on YouTube and Google Hangouts. You all have waited so patiently for the graphic novel, Xavian, and now I have the time this summer to complete this chapter. You will get an inside look at the completion of the first chapter of Xavian from start t0 finish.
The first live stream will be this Friday, June 12th at 9PM EST.


New Series for Xavian

I know I’ve been away for a while but this is a big announcement for Xavian. You all have been waited so patiently this summer. Now, I will move onto our biggest project so far. I will be coloring the pages for the graphic novel of Xavian. That’s right, you all will get a chance to see me color the first chapter. The pages are now inked and ready to go. This series will be streamed online starting this Monday. Stay tuned for more information.


Xavian Sketches_2 Xavian_Sketches_1 Xavian_Sketches

Poster Series

I hope you’ve enjoyed the poster series this month. I started this series in April to showcase my improvements I’ve made in each character design and digital coloring while I was in Japan.

My 日本の美術教師, Japanese art teacher, told me that I needed to push myself beyond my comfort zone. My art was good but it would stay stagnant if I don’t get out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know what he meant by that last year. But now I realized what he was telling me.

Now I plan on expanding Xavian this summer. I will be submitting these posters in several galleries (even around the world) this year. Lets make 2015 the breakout year for Xavian.


Colored Team Gubora


Here is Xavian, Boritta, and Nesia colored in Adobe Photoshop. I made a side by side picture to show the difference between the Line Art and the colored version. My favorite character to color is Boritta. My least favorite to color is Nesia. Getting the right tone of color on Nesia gives me the most trouble. I’ve colored Xavian so many times it’s almost second nature to me. Let me know what you think.



For now I’ll also leave Darryl’s information blank.  More details about Darryl will be revealed later next week. Stay tuned. Can you guess what it is?



For now I’ll leave David’s information blank.  More details about David will be revealed later next week. Stay tuned.

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