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Shibuya Preview

Xavian_019_020_legacy copy

As much as I would love to show you guys my Shibuya recreation drawing. You’ll just have to wait until I finish the first chapter to see it. This will be¬†the double spread of pages 19-20. This is the setting where the main story will play out. Many events, fights, and characters will appear and happen at. This took a total of three days to complete. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thoth & the Tiger Base Colors

Here are the base colors for the 7th poster.


Thoth & the Tiger Drawing

This weekend was very good in the terms of drawing new posters. I wasn’t planning on drawing this weekend but I guess that all changed. Here is the 7th poster, Thoth and the Tiger.
I got my influence for this poster from the Japanese folktale of Raijin. Raijin is a creature who comes down from the sky in a bolt of lightning, he’s usually depicted as a demon spirit but I made him into a Tiger.
The bird in the lower left-hand corner is Thoth. Thoth is a mix between the Japanese Crane and the Egyptian Ibis. The Crane is usually referred to longevity, and the Ibis is known for its wisdom and knowledge so I just joined those two together to create Thoth.



Joel’s interview with


The creator of Xavian was recently interviewed by Rachel Sinclair  from He talks about his future goals for Xavian and during his study abroad trip in Japan. Joel goes more in dept at the process of completing the written story Xavian. To find out more check out the link:

Xavian in Tokyo, Japan


Hello fans, in case you haven’t heard. Xavian will be in Tokyo,Japan from August 25th, 2014 through August 26th, 2015. This is great opportunity for Xavian to be published overseas in Japan, where the manga market is now thriving. We’ll continue to update you on any important news about publication of Xavian while in Japan. We’ll continue to post pages and character information while in Japan so nothing will change. With your donation you can help Joel reach his goal of $8000 goal and help him experience this exciting opportunity in Japan this year. You can donate to my GoFundMe page:

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