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Chapter 3: Page 3


Chapter 3: Page 2


Chapter 3: Page 1


Here is the black and white version of page one from chapter three. The colored version will be released at a later time. Xavian is confused because he doesn’t know where he has been taken. Plus he sees a strange blue sphere with big orange eyes staring at him. Who or what is this blue sphere? Is it a threat or is an ally to Xavian? Find out more soon.

Xavian Cover Line Art

Alright guys I’m showing you the finished line art of Xavian that will eventually be on Cover Art. I’m also going to be showing you my process behind the Line Art for the Cover so without further ado I present the Line Art.

One night I was thinking about how can I come up with a Cover Art that would stand out from any other Cover Art. While this gave me the motivation I needed to create a Cover Art for my story I was trying too hard to make this detailed artwork that I got too frustrated with myself and I gave up for about 4 hours.  Right when I was about to call it a night I looked down at the piece of paper where I was struggling to make my cover art four hours earlier I noticed four ovals that were left on the page and then it started to click. I was able to finish this cover piece within two hours.


When I was satisfied with results  proceeded to clean up all the smudges, grey areas, the paper texture, and any other incorrect lines. Considering I love to use Photoshop for the coloring of my artwork I’m not as worried if I make a mistake on the lines because I can just erase them later, but I don’t want to get too lazy and have myself work harder for no reason.  When I finished cleaning up all the errors, I saved the line art for reference when I start to colorize it on Photoshop. I will be releasing the Color Version of the Cover Art later on next week so you can see the finish result of the line art. I am thinking about doing a Photoshop tutorial about how to clean up rough sketches that are scanned. Let me know what you guys think.

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