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Darryl and David Shadows

Now for the next stage of process. I’m adding in shadows to create dept and realism to the poster. Without the shadows the poster would stay very flat and unappealing. The hardest part was manipulating the shadows on Mount Huangshan. Since I drew so many mountains I wanted to illustrate the various mountains ranging from big, small, closer, and further away. The next part will be highlights from the sun hitting the river. Also give more details to the river. Let me know what you think so far.


Darryl & David Base Colors

The next step of the 6th poster is laying down the flats colors. This gives me the foundation on what the characters and the environment’s colors are before I put the shadows and highlights on. This is probably the most important step in the process.

The colors I chose for Darryl and David are very welcoming, almost playful-like, but still having a realistic touch to it. Since they are hippos I gave them a brighter skin tone than their realistic counterpart. The hardest part was getting the water to highlight the reflection from the Tortoises. I had to experiment with the effects menu on Adobe Illustrator to get the right effect of the water.

Mount Huangshan will probably change before I begin adding in the shadows. It doesn’t look bad, but it looks pretty boring compared to the characters. Which doesn’t bring out the beauty and dept to the mountains. But I’m loving the results so far. Let me know what you think of this piece!


Darryl & David Inking

Here is the inking to Darryl and David. The inking is done by my friend, Alvarex. Love the inking he did with this piece. I’ll do another live stream coloring next week. I’m pretty busy this week and won’t have much time to do one. But I’ll see how my schedule works. Let me know what you think.



Darryl & David Drawing

Now I’ll begin the second half of the poster series with the 6th poster. This half will include the minor characters from the graphic novel series.  But this time I’ll include more landscape, environment, scenery, or however you want to call it.

I got my influence for this poster from an Nigerian Folktale of the Hippopotamus and the Tortoise. Darryl and David are twin brothers who are hippos and are brothers to Xavian. They’ve known Xavian for as long as they can remember and look up to Xavian. They are a wild and sometimes unpredictable brothers but they are also calm and wise for their age. Their animal companions are Tortoises, however I changed the Tortoise into a hybrid between a Turtle/Tortoise. The scenery in the background is from China’s mountain Huangshan 黄山. I wanted to captivate my viewers the amazing view of Huangshan as Darryl and David ride on their tortoise and enjoy the view. So I gave the Nigerian story a more Asian twist to it.


Marvis and the Dragon

After working on the Marvis and the Dragon poster for the past three days this where I am at on the poster. Coloring the dragon was completely new to me. I tried to keep it “realistic” as possible while also putting my spin on it. The second hardest part was rendering the clouds in Adobe Illustrator. It would have been easy to do in Photoshop, but since I’ve used Illustrator in the other poster I didn’t want to change. Plus I wanted to be a little creative with how far I can go in Illustrator. The clouds were created using numerous effects like: the Scribble effect, Gaussian Blur, and Feathering.

Marvis is very unique to the story of Xavian. Originally he was suppose to be just a memory to Xavian. But I decided to create an entire based off my real life brother. I look up to my big brother and decided to insert him into my story. Compared to the Xavian/Phoenix poster, Marvis and the Dragon have a completely different theme and vibe than Xavian has. From looking at Marvis’s pose he appears more calm, composed, and ready to take on any opponent. The colors are cooler, hint the blues, and greys throughout the piece. If you follow my YouTube channel you can watch the 3 day process from start to finish.


Marvis and the Dragon WIP

I decided to switch things around. I will be doing a different poster. It will be Marvis and the Dragon. I had a live stream last night on YouTube that showed my process from flat colors to near-complete shading. All that’s left to do is touch up on the Dragon’s face and fix some the shadows and highlights on the mountains. Then I’ll make one final adjustment to the piece to give it that WOW look to it. Then I’ll move on to the next poster. So here is what the poster looks like so far.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.00.38 AM

Marvis and the Dragon Inking

Here is the beginning line art of Marvis and the Dragon. I forgot to show you all this before I started coloring. Once again I got to thank ALVAREX for the inking. He has brought out my artwork to a whole new level. My pencil drawings were always good but the inking took it to a new level and I just have to thank him.

The hardest part when I was penciling this piece was the dragon itself. I love drawing dragons, but I had to do so much research on how Chinese Dragons were depicted in mythology. I wanted to keep it very close to its mythological counterpart. That’s one reason the dragon doesn’t have any arms. In most stories they’re drawn or talked about without arm. Probably because they are serpent creatures so it’s body is structured like serpents/snakes.


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