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Ophiosisen Leader

Thank you to the fans who watched me last night during the live stream. I got a lot done and got great feedback during the process. Thank you for staying up with me. Here is where we are after 2 days. The last thing to complete is his little minions that are forming from the slime and this piece will be complete.


Ophiosisen Leader WIP

This is where I’ll start from tonight for the live streaming. The live stream will be on Google Hangouts and YouTube. It will be tonight at 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST. I went ahead and color a bit of the poster but the hardest part is now. I want to show you guys how I complete the background of my pieces which have usually been a struggle for me. But now I’ve enjoyed doing the backgrounds because it’s what defines my pieces. Can’t wait to see you all tonight for the live streaming.


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