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Thoth & the Tiger Inking

Here is the inking for the 7th poster. Thoth and the Tiger. The inking is done by my friend, Alvarex. I love the inking he did with clouds and lightning. He brought out the details in the cumulonimbus clouds that I originally drew. I’ll do another live stream coloring later on this week. Stay tuned and let me know what you think.


Darryl & David Inking

Here is the inking to Darryl and David. The inking is done by my friend, Alvarex. Love the inking he did with this piece. I’ll do another live stream coloring next week. I’m pretty busy this week and won’t have much time to do one. But I’ll see how my schedule works. Let me know what you think.



Boritta & the Monkey drawing

We end the five poster series with Boritta. I saved the best character for last. Just from first observation you can tell this piece is the most complex out of the other four posters. Every since I first sketch Boritta two years ago I’ve always said she’s the most difficult and funnest character for me to draw. So what better way to end this series with a bang. If you’ve followed along this past month on this blog or on YouTube. You’d know that these 5 main characters will have the most impact on the Xavian series throughout the first 4 chapters.

I got to say thanks to Alvarex for the amazing inks he’s done. I’ve enjoyed working with him this past month and hope to continue to work with him in the future. My artwork has gone to a whole new level and when I finish coloring it, Boritta will probably be the best-selling poster out of the series in my opinion. Sorry Xavian, but it’ll be tough to beat Boritta’s poster.


Marvis and the Dragon Inking

Here is the beginning line art of Marvis and the Dragon. I forgot to show you all this before I started coloring. Once again I got to thank ALVAREX for the inking. He has brought out my artwork to a whole new level. My pencil drawings were always good but the inking took it to a new level and I just have to thank him.

The hardest part when I was penciling this piece was the dragon itself. I love drawing dragons, but I had to do so much research on how Chinese Dragons were depicted in mythology. I wanted to keep it very close to its mythological counterpart. That’s one reason the dragon doesn’t have any arms. In most stories they’re drawn or talked about without arm. Probably because they are serpent creatures so it’s body is structured like serpents/snakes.


Phoenix and Xavian Inking

The inking for the Phoenix and Xavian is now complete. I would like to once again and thank Alvarex for the inking. I love the quality of lines and the great detail that he has done with the flames. Let me know what you think.

Check out Alvarex work at on Facebook here: Alvarex Artwork


Phoenix WIP

Here is a WIP from Alvarex of our newest poster for Xavian. Alvarex will be doing the inking for the poster. If you have ever noticed or wondered what that logo was on Xavian’s headband it’s actually a Phoenix. More details on how the Phoenix ties in with Xavian will come shortly.



New Inkier for Xavian

I would like to welcome to the Xavian crew, Jesse “Cadre” Hansen. After talking with some fans, to take Xavian to the next level I need to have an inkier who can clearly illustrate my drawings and make it pop off the page. That’s why Jesse will be inking for the first chapter. I have nothing but respect and admiration for his work.

Inking whether it be traditional or digital has always been a struggle for me. I could never get the same results done for inking like my pencil drawings. Next to drawing the human anatomy, inking is the weakest part of my drawing ability. I’m not saying it’s terrible, it’s just not up to par for what I want for Xavian.

So to conclude, I will still be doing the coloring and pencil work for Xavian. Jesse will be doing the inking for me.

Check out Jesse’s work at:

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