The Creator

My name is Joel Fuller. I’m a senior at Butler University, majoring in Art + Design and Digital Media Production. I fell in love for comics and graphic novels when I received my first graphic novel from my grandmother. From that day on I knew that I wanted to be a graphic novelist when I grew up. In my rural hometown of Pleasant Grove, Alabama, I would constantly draw all the homes and roads in my neighborhood. My parents would complain how I used up a lot of copy paper just to draw, but I wanted to get better. Throughout high school I would continue to take art class. At times my teachers would threaten to write me up if I continued to draw on my tests and homework assignments.

Now majoring in Art + Design at Butler I have turned my passion for drawing into a reality. My artistic development flourished in the summer of 2014 when I won a competitive grant to participate in the Summer Research Institute at Butler University, which provided the time, funding, and support to create my first graphic novel, Xavian.  The graphic novel takes its name from the hero Xavian Gubora, an anthropomorphic lion. He’s not your typical hero: carefree, reckless, but optimistic about the future’s uncertainty. Instead, he must reluctantly take up arms against an alien race determined to destroy the galaxy. My goal is to become a professional graphic novelist and take my work abroad. After I graduate from Butler I hope to go to Hong Kong and publish my graphic novel in Hong Kong.